The Era of Devine

Ivarmadom Parthasarathy temple is famous all over the country and visited by many people to perform the last rites for their ancestors. It is our great pleasure and pride to have the opportunity to deliver a historical importance about the origin of Ivormadom Parthasarathy Temple that is located at Pampady, near Thiruvilwamala.
We all have faith in Vedas, Sastras, Jenma etc. being strong believers of Hindu religion. Rites and rituals are part of our life at every instant of our living and hence we strongly have faith in Moksha or mukthi. One can attain Moksha only on his/her Karmavina during the Jenma. Therefore people all across the country visit this holy place Ivormadom to perform ceremonial rites and rituals for departed souls of their beloveds to acquire Moksha(Mukthi). It was Lord Sree Krishna on whose blessings it happens and people acquire peace and happiness forever.
It is amazing to know, how the temple was originated in this place and got its name. All of us are aware of the greatest epic of Mahabharata the war between Dharma and Adharma. The war of Kurushethra was fought between Pancha Pandavas and Kauravas, in which their kin and kiths, blood relations and countless number of people lost their lives. After the Great War, Pandavas gave homage to such lost lives and performed last rites and rituals for those departed souls to reach Moksha. They conducted it at several places that are meant for it and found nothing fruitful. At this time , Pandavas, on recollecting the words and messages given by their beloved guru Vedavyasa about Bharthaghandam, this holy place , they visited this place, stayed and performed all the rites and rituals and finally felt very happy on finding the departed souls of everyone involved in the war attained Moksha and eternal Peace. They felt the presence of their Maha Guru Sreekrishna throughout and built this temple (Since pancha Pandavas made and stayed here this temple got the name Ivormadom) It is said that Veda Vyasa also supervised the construction of ivormadom temple on the river beds of Nila ( Bharatha Puzha).
Our renowned holy sacred temple is located on the river banks of Nila, enshrined with all holiness, in a serene atmosphere, waved with cold breeze under the foothills of Thiruvilwamala, at the north eastern side of Thrissur and very near to Palakkad. The river is also called by names such as Bharathapuzha or Bharathaghandam. The small village everyday witnesses several hundred of people all along the country visiting, worshipping and performing rites and rituals. Can’t we say that one would miss something in their life if they are not known about the Great Almighty Parthasarathy, who gives blessings and Moksha to the departed souls!

Updevas at Ivarmadom Temple

Lord Shiva,Ganapathi,Ayyapa,Mahalakshmi and naga are the updevas present in the temple along with main deity Lord Krishna


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